A Small Scale Autoclave

This Small (1 m3) Production Autoclave is engineered for a client in the music industry to improve the sound quality. The process is developed by FirmoLin Technology and is patented.

A Pilot Plant

This is a pilot plant which is going to be used for the phase of upscaling a new proces to a large production plant.

A FirmoLin Production Autoclave

Based on the well known, and patented, FirmoLin Wood Modification Process we build a full scale plant, with an annual  capacity of over 4.000 m3 of wood.

Laboratory Scale Autoclave

This Laboratory scale autoclave is built and used to test diffent wood species and in conjunction with a bio-based resin. 

In such a laboratory scale autoclave we can impregnate, modify and cure  wood samples under serveral conditions. 

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