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About Us

25 Years Of Scientific Wood Research Combined With Technical Expertise in Welding, Assembly and Technical Maintenance

SWP-Autoclaves is a unique organisation, because we combine 25 years of experience in welding, assembly and technical maintenancy and high end engineering with more than 25 years of scientifically based knowledge of wood, wood processing and wood products.

The one of a kind combination of skills and knowledge  nog only makes it possible to produce autoclaves and kilns that run processes like thermal modification, but we are also able to engineer and build new wood modification processes by upscaling labarotory test to small scale production test and finally full scale production plants.

Our Projects

We are the industry heads and engineer and build the most reliable wood processing solution you are looking for.

A FirmoLin Production Autoclave

Based on the well known, and patented, FirmoLin Wood Modification Process we build a full scale plant, with an annual  capacity of over 4.000 m3 of wood.

A Laboratory Scale Autoclave for bio-based polymer

For a client we built a lab scale autoclave to test wood in conjunction with bio-based polymer. We not only engineered and built the equipment, we also perform the tests  

Engineering and Building a pilot autoclave

This autoclave has been built for a small production for the music industry to improve the sound quality. 

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your wood processing needs.

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Services We Render!

Our engineers help you with their experience and their innovation skills to realise your thrive for a sustainable plant and product. 

Together with our partner Cr8Las Group we can relieve you from technical maintenance world wide.                                       Powered by:

As an expert in wood processing techniques like thermal modifiction we build your wood processing equipment. 

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